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Originally formed as a Q&A for community questions on relationships between video game players and interactions, this 6 year podcast has evolved into a unique show on the inspirations and personal stories of those who make those video games. A trusted source of news, many top level AAA game developers, sound designers, and artists have appeared over the years sharing their perspectives on games they made and the life they live. In recent years, Indie game developers have joined the crew and enhanced the perspective of the players who enjoy a wider array of content.

Some shows that are essential listening:

Mikey Neumann, Chief Creative Champion, from Gearbox shared how he found out about his debilitating disease and how he works to rise above adversity. After opening up about the death of his dog, we had an emotional and very human connection that put a face on the person who worked so hard to bring this Borderlands 2 to the fans.

Jeri Ellsworth, formerly of Valve, spoke with me about her augmented reality project CastAR, her layoff from Valve, and landing on her feet. This was the first time the inside workings of Valve had been revealed to the public and Jeri broke the silence on details previously unknown. The podcast story was picked up by Kotaku, Gamasutra, Wired, and went viral.

American McGee, from Spicy Horse and I spoke about the Alice series. After declaring my love for it and questioning why he was reluctant to talk more about rebooting the IP, he began to consider the idea. Not long after, it was announced that he was making Alice: Madness Returns. I doubt he recalls the show but I’m taking credit for planting the idea 😉

Mike Wilson, publisher from Devolver Digital, talked about the making of Quake and Doom and really broke down the evolving state of the industry over the last decade. It was interesting and nostalgic. Hearing the personal details about these classic games and the friendship dynamics is a really precious thing.


Death D4 was named as a play on the phrase “death before dishonor,” substituting the d4 dice for the word “before”. Duh. Since then it has gone through 6 years, 3 season, nearly 200 episodes, and 4 different casts. The show began with the Keep on the Shadowfel campaign module and quickly went off the rails into the territory of imagination lead by Tinzien, the Dungeon Master.  We pride ourselves on having in international cast (made possible by livestreaming through Skype) with players from the USA, England, Australia, and Germany.

Current cast:

Tinzien: Dungeon Master

Jenesee : Kalashtar Warpriest

Sezzur: Artificer/old man extraordinaire

Karl: Half-Orc Monk