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"She always goes in knowing what exactly needs to be done and exceeds the expectations."

Fred Buell, Writer, creative, social media

Jenesee's very talented, intelligent, and would be a great person to consider for any community, media, broadcasting, or podcasting-related field she is interested in.

Jerry Snook Senior Community Specialist, Standing Stone Games

"Jenesee is an amazing podcaster and intelligent woman."

Jimmy Chi Lead Ninja at Humble Bundle/Wolfire Games

“Jenesee quickly became a one-stop creative shop, ideating, writing, shooting and executing the content from beginning to end. She drives results, there is no doubt about that.”

Greg Carney, Activation Director at quench agency

"I can heartily recommend her to any company seeking a team-player with serious social chops.”

Paul Murray, Partner/Chief Enigmatologist at Perplex Gaming Group LLC

Bright, inventive and fearless in her work — that’s what you’ll experience with Jenesee.”

Amy (Beamer) Murray, COO & Partner at Pavone Marketing Group, Inc.



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The BBC advertises the 13th Doctor like a “pussy”

Disclaimer: This article is purely about the BBC choice of advertising for Doctor Who (Jodie Whittaker) and does not reflect the content of the episodes or Jodie herself. Chill pills ready? Let’s go! The first woman Doctor is a seminal (forgive the term) moment in the series and an important validation for geek women overall. We need strong, smart, capable and independent heroes that reflect who we are as women and that can be admired […]

Podcast Episode #125. Dr. Luke Dicken (Chair of the IGDA Foundation)

  Dr. Luke Dicken of the IGDA Foundation talks AI in this special clip from the Good Shepherd One Gamer Fund event. Listen HERE.

Podcast Episode #126. Perception (The Deep End Games)

Jenesee speaks with Bill and Amanda Gardner, Founders of The Deep End Games, on their award-winning project, Perception. Blind protagonist Cassie uses her unique senses to explore her haunted past in a psychological thriller or horror. We talk about senses, disabilities and underestimated heroes. Episode HERE

Running is for losers

“Just do it.” -Nike. “Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelo. “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. – The Princess Bride.  These old (and some new) clichés teach us that our health is a treasure to guard and build up. And health IS important for a long and active life. There’s no changing that. However, there are many roads to health and I plan to travel them with a […]

Are you the creator in a procedurally generated world?

Have you ever felt like a video game explorer, first in the world to claim your territory and name your parcel of the unknown? You might just be on the money. Let’s explore the idea that in a procedurally generated world, you are part of the creation process and it all exists for, and because of, you. Who doesn’t love that? This article could have been titled, “procedural generation in video games, quantum mechanics and how […]


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Art assets and video editing for this project were mine.

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I was the Creative Director, Artist and Voice Talent for this video.